Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Disorganised? No and Yes

I can’t believe that in three days – at this time of night, we’ll be up in the air on a plane to Germany. We’re going there to stay with our son Liam and his girlfriend for five days,.It’ll be great to see them,, we can’t wait to get there.
But Dave and I are only any good at this kind of organisation when it’s all done at the last minute. Don’t ask me why – it’s just the way it works out. A fine example is Christmas. But that’s all about presents and stuff.
This is different, but the principle’s the same. I mean we’re now at the countdown stage, you know, like when you get up to the “well I’ll only have time to do that (whatever) once more before we go."

I’ve got lists scribbled on bits of paper all over the place, but none of them make any sense at all, no worry's, I'll sift through and legislate. Well at least the taxi’s booked!

But I have every confidence (well nearly every) that all loose ends will be tied together. By Friday afternoon, we’ll both be sat here twiddling our thumbs like a couple of jitter bugs. Whilst wondering what we’ve forgotten, I can see it now.
I’m sure there was something else I was going to mention, but I can’t remember what…

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