Monday, 24 August 2009

Fun filled Monday in Germany

Today the four of us went to another beautiful park to play mini golf, (no tittering please), not quite the professional kind I know. But even so, a high standard of talent was on display, I suspect the great Tiger Woods himself may have struggled to keep up with us.
Come to think of it even WE struggled to keep up with us, guess who came in last on the scoreboard? No, I’m not ashamed to admit how crap I am at this kind of thing, but that blue ball was supposed to bring me some luck. Sore loser? Nah, it’s all about having a laugh!
Liam and Maddy leading the way while we stopped to take some photos…
Then we went to this outdoor cafe for a glass of wine, and assessed the standard of clubs we were given to be of a very high standard – no plastic stuff here…
Getting down to business, the golf tournament begins. Note that Maddy’s lost her golf shoes already…
Dave was too good at this – I think we should’ve given him a square ball. Oh and that’s my outsize handbag on the right, not his golf trolley…
I mean c’mon this was a difficult course and there were 18 like this altogether…!
Liam discusses tactics with dad…
Later on we went to an Italian Restaurant in a small town nearby and sat outside on the terrace for a really nice meal.
Then we went back to their apartment for more laughs, Liam gave Dave his own captain’s hat to keep which was really nice of him.
At midnight I was presented with a tray full of lit tea-light candles to blow out and little trinket box as a present – it’s my birthday tomorrow – darn it, another year older.
Captain Cod…
Cheers Liam…
It must be 20 years since Dave and me last played mini-golf, (with the kids of course).
This time 4 adults turned into 4 big kids, Har Har…!

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