Saturday, 22 August 2009

Fun filled Saturday in Germany

After waking up late with an almighty hangover we all cruised around very slowly in recovery mode.
Later on we went to Maddy’s grandma’s, her house is GORGEOUS. With marble floors, a wide sweeping staircase, big rooms upstairs, and a sun terrace out back,, all in a totally private garden. Wow.
We had a lovely meal there. Most of the family arrived, so there were quite a few of us. Maddy does most of the translating, Liam does some, so it works out in a jig-saw way! Forgot to say the weather was GORGEOUS too!
Maddy and her Grandma…
Dave and Liam, “lost and found” in translation…

Later we went to a “British Night” in a local park, it was a really nice place. A pathway through the park lit with candles led us to a fireworks display all timed with some great British rock music. Coldplay, Snow Patrol, Oasis, and Pink Floyd...
As for the London bus, Black cab and old red telephone box, well they added to the ambiance as we walked past them!
At midnight a German rock group started playing a gig in a big outdoor arena that was just around the corner, previously out of sight. The arena soon filled up and we stopped for a while, then went back to Maddy’s grandma’s for a “nightcap” which lasted about another hour!
What a great day we had, and the effort the family had gone to for us was really appreciated…

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