Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Fun filled Tuesday in Germany, and it´s my birthday!

But I’m not revealing how old I am ok? Although sympathisers do say I look 10 years younger than I am, so that’s some consolation. Dave too, must be what happens when you lead a colourful life…

Liam and Maddy took us to another lovely town today so Dave could get me a birthday present. When I talk about towns close to where they are, I mean the nearest one is about 30 – 40 minutes drive away! No popping round the corner here then!

It was very nice of my hubby to buy me something (anything really). Because when I asked him what he was going to get me before we came here his reply was: “You’ve already got it, a plane ticket to Germany and back.” I think he felt guilty because he’d forgot my birthday card and left it at the boat. Hence the extra present? Hmm.

So as you’d expect the menfolk followed us round about six boutiques without much enthusiasm. Meantime Maddy and me had a right good rummage through searching for the perfect dress.

After a while we decided to give up, get something to eat, then set off again on our quest. After trying on about 10 different dresses, then rejecting them all, the right one suddenly caught my eye. Perfect.

We could both sense a huge sigh of relief from Liam and Dave who tried to contain themselves without much success, but never mind, neither of them complained once. Liam even went and put an extra hour on the car in the car park bless him!

So we had some time to spare and called in for a drink at a fancy bar. We sat on the roof terrace, and that was the start of my Birthday party. Afterwards we went back to their apartment and got ourselves ready for a brilliant night out. 
his is the designer handbag that I bought with money kindly donated from relatives…
My birthday present from Liam and Maddy was a lovely meal in a very posh restaurant.We sat outside because it was so warm…
Back at the apartment, and this awful sight is what I look like when, to put it politely, “well gone.” Oh, check out those footless tights, they didn’t tell us they were luminous in the shop!
My nice new dress is covered by my cardigan in this photo. But no worries, it wasn’t luminous too…
So my birthday (our last night in Germany) proved to be a momentous evening indeed, talk about going out in true party style…
Cheers hon…

PS: Remember the neon tights? Well I didn’t realise how “far gone” I was till I went the loo then tried to stand up.  Oops, I forgot all about them and fell forwards hanging on to the bath. Maddy thought I’d fallen over, came running in only to find me laughing so much I couldn’t move.

She tried to help me pull the footless neon lights tights up, but I couldn’t stop tittering for long enough, (and neither could she).

So without any airs and graces we just pulled,, (peeled) them OFF instead…

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