Friday, 28 August 2009

Getting Real

Well yesterday and today have been all about getting life in perspective again, oh and doing loads of washing too. See, the sense of humour’s kicking in again there, why mention such a daft contrast otherwise?

Thanks to Les from nb Valerie for this comment: “Pass on my best wishes to your son and I`m sure that the majority of folk here in the UK will join me and try not to worry too much. Look on it as if he’s just working away and will be home soon.”

And Debs, thanks too, your support is much appreciated…

It’s difficult to describe how Dave and me worked through the emotional cake mix, but it goes something like this:
  • We had a wonderful 5 days with Liam and Madddy, but it wasn’t long enough
  • Landed back here – just wanted to fly straight back.  
  • Should we sell up both house and boat? Go over there, buy an apartment close by, (thinking that way was just me).
  • Regretting buying a fancy black leather recliner settee rather than a sofa bed, so they could come here and stay at the boat with us. Last couple of times they’ve been here, alternative arrangements have had to be made and we both feel guilty about that.
Then the saying “never act on impulse” came to mind, and rationality slowly set in:
  • We’d spent 5 wonderful days with them – it was 1000 times better than none.
  • Landing back here – well it’s where we belong right now (even if the weather is sh*tty).
  • The boat? Well we still haven’t finished with improvements, changes (some major), don’t forget the DIY stuff that always causes a laugh – so give it a chance.
  • We have “rural” and “peace” here too, so it’s a nice place to be.
Being without a bed settee at the boat will always be a regret, but one we can live with for now, anyone want a "good as new" leather settee…?

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