Friday, 21 August 2009

Guten Tag

Well the suitcases are packed, we’re nearly ready, and all boxes are ticked on my massive list. Been running round like a blue assed fly all day.

I’ll keep a diary while we’re over there to blog about when we get back. No blogging for 5 DAYS, never mind dear reader, there’s more important things in life. But like it or not “I will be back!”

Question Time:
  • Have we both been to Germany before? Yes
  • Can either of us speak German? Nein
  • Could it be a problem? Ja
I was going to post a photo of both our suitcases packed and ready to go, but firstly that’s too boring, and secondly I haven’t got time.
Bonsoir (OOPS)
I mean Auf Weidersehen?
PS: Had to Google that to check I’d spelt it right, bet it’s still wrong but never mind 
So Tatty Bye for now…

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