Monday, 3 August 2009

Intelligent Ducks

I think I've got a fan club of the duck kind...
These four here make themselves noticed every time I do the washing up. They sit outside the window looking up at me with pleading eyes full of hope that I’ll chuck them the odd crust or two.
They’re not fully grown yet and mum’s still hovering in the background, but they haven’t half got some cheek – I always give in. And they KNOW it… Here they are trying successfully to be conspicuous while patently waiting for me to finish up. The weird thing is, they even look me in the eye, which could easily cause Paranoia amongst the Pots and Pans if I let it…
This afternoon I went to my daughter’s shop to have my hair done. Well, it´s our wedding anniversary, my birthday, AND we´re going to Germany to visit our son, all in the same week at the end of August! Justified then... 
However, as all we women know, the better the hairdo on the day, the worse the eye makeup looks afterwards. Dear me, I look frightening…!

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