Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Marina magic continued

The quaint village church taken from the back of the boat. The grassy embankment in front of it, and right behind us goes all the way from one end of the pier to the other, where it meets the canal side on…
And in winter…

Next to the pier just behind us, yellow iris and bulrushes thrive all the way down…

The view to the right, a gorgeous winter sunset…

Double width jetty’s, and the pier behind the boat is even wider than them…

Dave’s favourite fishing spot…


There’s just ten jetty’s off this pier which could in theory take 20 narrowboats, but three of them are widebeams, so that leaves just 14. In essence this means there’s a relatively small ratio of boats to the land surrounding us.
On the other side of the island, well things are more like you’d traditionally expect, but fortunately we can’t see any of those boats from where we are moored.
  • So, is it cramped here? No
  • Is it claustrophobic? No
  • Is it beautiful? Yes
  • Panoramic views in a marina? Yes, lots of them
You could say that beautiful as it may be here, the scenery is “static.” Well even that’s not right because it’s ever changing with the seasons, and let’s not forget the wildlife too.
Main advantage: Lots of space in a gorgeous setting, without any sardines.
Only disadvantage for us: Paying double the mooring fees for a widebeam that takes up (almost) two narrowboat spaces.
But hey it’s worth it, well situated here it is anyway…

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