Tuesday, 11 August 2009

On the subject of marinas

I read an article recently which stated “all marina’s are the same, very claustrophobic” then the writer went on to say that he couldn’t stay in one for that reason.
Before we found our widebeam mooring (which helps a lot without claustrophobia) I would’ve been inclined to agree. Especially after seeing an aerial view of a marina which reminded me of sardines in a can.
However, not all marina’s are the same, all these photographs are taken from the boat or our jetty. So I guess we got lucky with the beautiful panoramic views from our mooring and here´s why:
Parbold hill to the left of us in summer…
And in winter…
Towpath bridge over the entrance to Fettlers Wharf, (again to the left of us). People come from the village church to have their wedding photos taken here…
Left again and there’s the entrance to the marina…
The unobstructed view from the bow of the boat, open water to the island…

And in winter…

And there’s more………….

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