Friday, 21 August 2009


This next few days posts will hopefully be an interesting and light-hearted “instant replay” of the holiday in real time - even though today is actually Friday the 28th. If you see what I mean. And it’s exactly one week since I even looked at my blog, never mind posted to it, hence the title. So here goes:

We set off for the airport and arrived in plenty of time, I don’t think either of us has ever been on such a short plane trip. It was really strange, we’d just got up to cruising height, the hostesses just had time to come round with drinks and a snack, just time to look at the "Buy this at half price” magazine. Then we started descending again.

We’d been keeping a watchful eye on where we were, ahem, where we thought we were, which at one point was somewhere over southern England. Then the captain suddenly announced we were flying over Amsterdam and beginning our descent. It meant that we’d  missed the North Sea completely!

Liam was waiting for us at Paderborn Airport, after meeting and greeting on a grand scale, we were whisked away to the lovely apartment where he lives with his girlfriend Maddy.

Time differences aside it meant we’d checked in two hours before take off at Manchester Airport and were only up in the air for 1 hour and10 minutes… Couldn’t believe it.

Another hour’s drive in the car and we were met by Maddy who’d really gone to town with decorations and “little things” that mean a lot, like leaving little cards saying “Welcome” on each of our pillows.

By this time it was beyond midnight there and still 24 degrees C. So we sat down, relaxed and caught up on life whilst having a few drinks of course...!

Where they live is beautiful, very rural and peaceful. Could even tell that in the dark…

Oh, I forgot to say, TODAY IS OUR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY! Well it was "different" in a very nice way of course…

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