Saturday, 26 September 2009

A great day out in autumn

Today our best friends of all time arrived, (well, going back 30 years or so). We'd arranged to spend the day together and take them out on a "little jolly" down towards Tarleton.
They've visited us at the boat many times, but this was the first time they’ve been on board while it’s actually moving! Oh, and it's the first time we’ve taken the Lux Con down, then folded it back, hmm... The weather wasn’t wonderful but it didn’t matter…
I took these photos to show how the trees meet in the middle for a while along the way, it’s a beautiful sight but you’ve got to watch out for those branches slapping you in the face.
Looks like we’re merrily floating along in a wooded copse…

Whenever we go out this way we never actually go into Tarleton because it’s a bit grotty where the boat yard is, and the owner plants narrowboats in the winding hole! (Naughty).
There’s another winding hole just before it, which is where we usually do a 180 and moor up just a bit further down in a beautiful spot.
I don’t think Dave even noticed I was taking these photos of what looks like an “in depth” conversation. When I mentioned it later he panicked and said “Oh no, you didn’t take them while I was wearing my captain’s hat did you?” (Shock horror indeed).
Well no, these photos were taken just before he lit the BBQ for tea, the food was delicious. It was only after that when the infamous hat suddenly made an appearance on his head, followed by a round of applause. I never worked out why.
Sheltering from the wind beside the boat, while Dave recalls a boating story…
The “Captain’s Hat” as modelled by Barney the Teddy Bear soldier…
The view from where we were sat, fields empty from harvesting, with a noisy tractor ploughing not too far away…

By the time we got back it was going dark, while we were putting the lux con back together we had to use torches, it goes dark so quickly now doesn’t it?
Afterwards we just sat and chilled out, with drinks-a-flowing we laughed the night away and got very silly indeed.
Later on the “taxi service” arrived (one of their sons drove here to collect them). It was very kind of him to offer in advance, because it meant we could all get merry together without anyone having to stay sober, he he...
I heard someone walk past the other day saying “Ahh, this is the life isn’t it?” Need I say more…?!

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