Thursday, 24 September 2009

I´m a celebrity but five minutes is enough!

Well I became a superstar celebrity last night. I sent this photo of the balloon that flew floated over us on Sunday night to our local news programme “North West Tonight” and got a phone call from Diane the weather girl (in person), to ask if it was ok to use it as a background!
Well of course, was the answer, but I stayed cool, you know like this kind of thing happens every day.
In reality was I truly gobsmacked, and running round like a headless chicken. We just had enough time to text and phone everybody. Then Dave even went running down the pier letting folks know to huddle round their TV’s just before 7pm.
So here it is again looking something like how it looked on TV…
My name was on screen, and I was thanked personally for sending it in!
For some strange reason my reaction was to laugh my head off and jump up and down at the same time like a fool. I was on a roll, Diane (I mean our friend Diane not the weather girl) tried to tell me I was “full of hot air.” So I told her not to burst my bubble. Oh dear that’s too corny but true...
My phone never stopped with texts and calls for about an hour afterwards. I was truly “up in the air” (excuse). So I considered sorting out an agent for interviews / charity events, and I´m hoping the weight of all the fan mail won’t sink the boat.
Anyway, I recorded it for posterity, to show the grand kids in years to come. I mean it’s not even as if I’d been on there in person, yet when your name sits on screen for a while it’s really something. But that’s my 15 seconds of fame gone down the pan now, see, I don’t get ME on screen being interviewed about boating life, I just get a balloon and a mention, end of.
Dave said that at work three different people came and told him they’d seen it on TV, but (gasp) he reminded me that he took the photo not me. I've heard “I took the photo and she gets the credit for it,” several times now, but it's all a big wind up.
It could've been either one of us because we both took some. What happens is, when messing about with a telephoto lens, we tend to take about 20 photos EACH of the same thing, especially after a glass of wine or two.
Since then I fell out of the balloon and come back down to earth. Ah well, on second thoughts, I wouldn’t want that celebrity kind of lifestyle anyway. I’m happy to just be ME, with no bells and whistles.
Don’t need them, the door of life is always ringing anyway…!

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