Saturday, 12 September 2009

Messing with sidehatch windows and doors

We went shopping for new curtain poles and blinds for the boat today, (yawn). Somebody gave us a 20% off voucher so off we toddled. Before we set off I said to Dave “They won’t have enough curtain poles in stock you know,” especially seeing as we need 11 of them.
When we got there they didn’t have any of the one’s we wanted at all, (of course). So after much deliberation we got some different ones we weren’t entirely sure about, but hey it’s 20% off right?
We bought five as a “test case” for the bedroom only. Going along with the theory that if they don’t look quite right, it doesn’t matter, we’ll get different ones for everywhere else. We also got a couple of blinds for the kitchen and the bathroom, both of which were about 20 foot too long, but never mind, we (D) can rebuild them.
When we got back Dave continued with a different little project he had lined up – cutting a piece of Perspex to size so it will sit inside the hatch doors. This idea serves a dual purpose of:
  • Being able to keep the doors open for longer on a cool summer evening.
  • Being able to seal the doors from inside in winter.
However, after taking a million measurements and cutting it to fit, it became apparent that the handles prevented it from sitting where it was supposed to, well ANYWHERE really because it just fell off.
So open the doors, and there’s no problem of course…
But being stuck with this set up isn’t much good in the depths of winter is it? Till we get some flatter door handles, the job’s been scrapped for now.
So, after downing tools for the day, Dave went outside and did some fishing. Much better idea my dear…

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