Saturday, 10 October 2009

A Wedding In A Mansion House

The wedding only started at 3pm so we decided to go for an early morning swim in the "heated" pool, “84 degrees C” it said, but it was more like 24. (Wondered why there was nobody else in it). After 10 minutes of creeping in on tippy toes and slowly going deeper (agony), we got to the silly stage which is never far away, but there you go.
So in an attempt to actually have a swim before hypothermia set in I said “You go under first” and Dave replied “After You.” This intriguing bat and ball conversation continued till we just gave up and started splashing each other till we were wet through. Then we had a race and I won, does this sound like two little kids? Oh and forget the Jacuzzi – there wasn’t one.
We still had loads of time so we went for a walk down the road & along the sea front, what a fantastic day for a wedding in October, 21 degrees (F) in the shade with NO WIND! Took some great photos of Paignton, its harbour and different boats, will post some tomorrow.
And here’s the Oldway Mansion in Paignton where the wedding was being held. It belonged to the “Singer” family (as in the sewing machine), they left the place to the council for use by the public, we took these photos of “the hallway” just before the ceremony started.
The grounds outside…
In the wedding suite, the happy couple saying their vows…
We’re married…!
Dave, and 2 sons, with the groom himself in the middle…
Uh oh, Dave, the bride, the groom, and yours truly, looking like I've got a hairpiece attached to my forehead…
Top table, the best man gives his traditional speech which was both moving and amusing…
After the wedding ceremony we parked the car back at our hotel and walked round to where the reception was being held because it was only 200 yards away! It also meant we could both have a drink which was nice, and the party continued into the night. What a great time we all had, it was lovely to see so many members of Dave’s family together. It’s a rare thing because we’re scattered all over the country and beyond. And it's a shame Liam couldn't be there, he wanted to come over with his girlfriend Maddy, but he's too busy training in Germany.
PS: We heard later on that Oldway Mansion is being sold off by the council to a developer with the intention of turning it into a casino --- criminal eh? I hope the locals can do something to prevent that happening to such a spectacular place…

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