Thursday, 1 October 2009

Fishing On His Birthday

This is one of Dave's birthday cards,, it wins the prize for best “state of the art” fishing tackle, pre Carbon Fibre…
But I reckon it’s more hi tech than hi spec…
The dashingly handsome idiot sporting the highly impractical yellow suit is using his fishing rod as a conduit to the satellite dish behind him. So he can watch Strictly Come Dancing on a giant flat screen TV across the other side of the river whilst pretending to fish.
Or, he’s an undercover spy attempting to blend into the flora and fauna without much success. The “fishing rod tower” is using the satellite dish, to transmit false information to a Carp Crap App. Rival fishermen use it on their Thick Phones under the false presumption that it’s a useful aid. It tells them where there aren’t any fish at all, and it’s lying. 
Or, he’s posing for an advert in Vogue magazine, (Circa 1949).
Or, he’s about to pole vault across the river.
Or, he’s attempting to get in the Guinness Book of World Records for using the tallest walking stick ever known to man.
Or, his pole is also a lightening conductor for when the weather looks a bit threatening, and it does too.
Or, he’s planting a flagpole to remind him of where he caught his first crap carp.   
Either way, Farmer Giles on the left there is totally unaware of any peculiarities…
Well it only comes but once a year and all that, but the birthday itself wasn’t quite within the realms of a spectacular event.
  • We had to go shopping.
  • It’s poured down and blown a gale all day.
  • Dave’s had to go into work, although he’s only doing half a night, because of the “Long Service Award” knees up tomorrow night.
But humdrum as it was today, all our weekends are booked up for the next few weeks. We’ve already done the birthday meal. Then last weekend we went out on a “birthday boat trip” with friends.
Should’ve done a separate post:
“How to make your birthday last a full month…”

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