Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Payback Time

Well it serves me right for saying TT was “capable of creating problems” yesterday. She’s behaved herself for quite some time now, till this morning when I was in the bathroom washing my hands.
As soon as I switched the tap off, the shower started dripping, you know the kind of drip that in the depths of the night would sound like a shotgun going off when each droplet hits the deck. It went on for quite a while, so I tried it again later on and sure enough the same thing happened. (Couldn’t make this up could I?)
It’s called REVENGE.
And that’s the thing with this boat, when something does go wrong it’s got to be “different.” I mean if you switch the sink tap off and it drips, well that makes sense, it needs a new washer.
But switch the sink tap OFF and the shower STARTS dripping, well all I can say is we’re used to it now. What with that and the howling fox, it’d be like trying to sleep under a bridge on the M6 at the moment, hence temporary repairs may be necessary.
I say temporary because after Christmas that dam shower will be ripped out and replaced by a new one, seriously it's going to happen.
However, our next “project” is to replace all the single radiators with double ones. Intriguing progress reports will be coming to a blog near you soon, we want the new ones all ready for firing up before Christmas, (Ho Ho Ho), best get started this week then.
The people on the boat next door to us are moving on to pastures new this week, and they gave me a few of their plants today which was really nice of them.
So I’ve put them down the jetty…
And at the back…
Bloomin’ lovely…

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