Wednesday, 14 October 2009

The Church Bell That Lost It´s Dong

The gorgeous village church is just behind our mooring and I love it, but its bell hasn’t been well this year. It all started in early spring when it disappeared – I mean stopped ringing.
When it got back "online" again it seemed confused and it’s chimes weren’t in time, for example one night at 11pm it rang just 7. So it was taken "offline" again for a while, then reinstated a couple of weeks ago. It seems to have coordinated chimes with times at the moment, but its quarter hourly DONG has gone amiss.
It’s difficult to see the church through all the foliage in summer…
Ah, there it is in winter…
I wonder if there’s bats in the belfry causing havoc in there. Then again is it a real bell, or similar to a ringtone thingy with speakers and a faulty operating system? The mind boggles.

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