Thursday, 29 October 2009

They Multiplied Forth Overnight

Yes I’ve acquired even more flowers in pots today. Some extra ones were kindly donated and it’s beginning to look a bit like Cue Gardens round here…
Very pretty though…
We said a fond farewell to our friends from next door today, they will be missed round here that’s for sure. After they’d gathered all their belongings this was the end result. Remember that old TV show "The Beverley Hillbillies?”
So we all sat on the roof, put the brolly up and had a cup o’ tea before saying Tatty Bye, no really we did…
Anyway, carrying on from yesterday’s list of annoyances, I’m pleased to report that last night it was as peaceful as it should be in rural England:
  • Dave fixed the shower before he went to work so it’s not dribbling anymore.
  • The fox has stopped screeching like a banshee (whatever one of those is).
  • A car alarm that kept going off in the distance lost the will to live.
And I almost got away with a full nights sleep, (while Dave was at work, hence me not we). All was calm till about 3am when I was woken up by “doodle do do,” that’s the stupid sound my mobile phone makes when its battery needs recharging.
Obviously this isn’t a problem during the day, the noise isn’t overly annoying so it’s just a case of finding the charger. But in the middle of the night it’s a right royal pain in the bum, because I hear it before I wake up.
I don’t know how it happens, but somehow it becomes integrated into whatever dream is going on at the time, it’s usually a good one too. Like for example I could be hanging about in a hammock at a secret luxury resort (for famous people) in the Caribbean, sipping Sangria and listening to the waves crashing on the beach.
I hear the phone crying out for attention and ignore it, after all if you’re there on holiday you don’t want your mobile strapped to your side do you? But gradually, as the sound gets louder, with less time between each “doodle do do.” The idyllic Caribbean scene fades away only to be replaced by a sense of urgency.
So last night I reluctantly crawled out of bed, stubbed my toe on the drawers and plugged the dam charger in. Which is a tad annoying especially when I was just about to dive into those crashing waves to cool down, (it was 95 degrees C a few minutes earlier).
Ah well, you can’t have your cake and eat it can you? Well I can’t anyway…

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