Friday, 13 November 2009


I stood on the front of the boat the other day and took this photo of the trees on the island, still photogenic even without any leaves…
Compared with August…

They stayed like this right up till the end of September, then we had one really windy week, that was all it took to strip them bare. I’m sure they’d look nicer with LED Christmas lights wrapped all round them. Any volunteers to go up there…?
That reminds me,, ever since the nights started drawing in we’ve been pondering about getting some (permanent yet subtle) lighting for the lux con. After considering everything from up-lights, down-lights, backlights, low lights, even Blackpool lights. We eventually decided on something sophisticated, went out and bought a box of Christmas tree lights!
So in an effort to cheer things up a bit and provide some light amidst the murk of winter this is what Dave did last Friday afternoon:
These photos don’t do justice to the way it lights up, even glows out there during these gloomy long nights…
There were even enough to carry them on down the front screen too…
Well, they might be Christmas lights but they’re going stay up there for good. When I first poked my head out to have a look at his creation, Dave said something like “oh you’ll just laugh at it.” How wrong could he be? Sophisticated and simple at the same time, just like me...!
Now all we need is a few Christmas candles dotted about to give off some heat, and we can sit out the back to eat tea like we did in summer, oh if only…

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