Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Fret ye not dear non boater

I overheard a conversation the other day, (no I wasn’t ear wigging, well maybe) which went something like:
“Ooo well they can’t stay on their canal boats in this weather can they?”
Answer: “Ooo I doubt it.”
I thought it was quite amusing that a couple of obvious non-boaters should express concern or more likely simple curiosity about us being on our boats in this weather. I guess they’ve forgotten about Noah and his ark. I mean the weather he was up against in that rickety wooden boat, poor bloke, but he managed.
If it’s all about concern, the reality is that these boats are made of steel and contain all the comforts of home, like central heating, hot and cold water, showers, fridge / freezer, washer / drier, and all the other necessities.
Even the luxuries of life are integrated, oh and boats are built to float on water and get battered by the wind too, without any fuss. They keep us nice and warm and snug, so no need to worry about canal boats and boaters then.
The people to express genuine concern for at the moment are those up in Cumbria, who lived within the confines of bricks and mortar yet lost everything. That sort of puts things in perspective doesn’t it? Some canal boats go on rivers, but they can also MOVE to safety if necessary, or stay well away in advance of the weather forecast. In other words a boat like this is probably one of the the safest places to be in the worst conditions, provided it’s not sitting on a swollen river…
If it’s all about curiosity, speculation only creates more questions than answers!
For those who are truly concerned about our safety, although it’s much appreciated. I think if we can survive being hemmed in by this for three weeks solid without being cold inside…
Then we can manage rain, wind, even the odd plague of locusts or two…

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