Saturday, 14 November 2009

Spot the difference

Last weekend Dave replaced some of the single radiators with double ones, we’d decided more heat was needed in the saloon and the bedroom.
First of all he had to drain the system and opted for a hi-tech solution to prevent any spillages... A modified a plastic milk carton to catch the brown soup.
We considered applying for a patient patent for this new invention. But came to the conclusion that it might be too expensive, plus it’s complexities might just put people off a bit:
Later on I noticed there appeared to be no difference between the single and double radiators, they both look the same. Maybe I was expecting the double ones to be twice as wide but they weren’t.
Single radiator or double…?
In case you’re wondering it’s a double,,, I said a double…
As usual, with nothing ever being straightforward round here the new one in the bedroom sprung a leak from the start. Dave tried everything short of draining it and taking it off the wall --- then gave up. Basically because he’d hurt his back.
So with renewed inspiration today he sorted it out good and proper, but it still required more hard graft.
Ah well, next on the agenda: Fitting an extra radiator on the other side of the boat, but we may have to check out the health insurance first…

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