Wednesday, 18 November 2009

The stoppage update

Well at last the work on Rufford Branch lock 7 has been published on Waterscape. It's the 7th one down in the Leeds Liverpool canal list. (Lucky 7?) The info only appeared on the website after work had started on the lock, and after I’d made a note on here. But better late than never.
This canal obviously isn’t deemed important enough to be listed in the “Stoppage Hall of Fame.” When doing a search on Waterscape we have to click on the Leeds Liverpool. So even though the Rufford Canal is the only route to crossing the Ribble Link, and the only way to get to the Lancaster canal beyond. It doesn’t seem to matter where importance is concerned.
Maybe it’s because we’re “up north” or it’s a relatively short stretch of canal, or maybe I’ve got it all wrong,, it just isn’t important at all. If it were a “dead end” it would be easier to understand what with all the cutbacks, but it isn’t...
Then again perhaps we should be eternally grateful that BW are (at last) carrying out such major work on lock 7. Trouble is there’s another 6 need a dam good seeing to as well before we and anyone from the Lancaster canal can get onto the Leeds Liverpool. So lets hope they do a better job on this one than they did on locks 1 and 2 last year. Like finishing it off properly?
On a lighter note, according to the Google Earth map of this marina, we aren´t here at all...
Bing map
I think I’ll stick to photos, makes you wonder why these two huge companies ever bothered mapping the world if they don’t do updates…!

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