Monday, 30 November 2009

Tony the Mop returns for a brief visit

Here's Dutch Barge “Lock Dodger” and Tony the mop last year before he sold it, that’s the boat not the mop…
The name “Lock Dodger” is very apt because that boat is the same age as ours and has never been through a lock yet, I kid ye not.
The new owners have plans to “break the mould” as it were, but not till it’s been in the boathouse to have a bow thruster fitted. And today was the big day. So “The Mop” made a brief visit here this morning, to give them the benefit of his “vast experience and knowledge” in return for a free breakfast.
Here’s Lock Dodger is being dragged in the boathouse, sorry it’s a bad photo. I took it through the front windscreen because it was early morning, and I wasn’t going outside in me dressing gown.
It’s quite something to see a widebeam up in the air like this...!

So here’s Tony’s new boat, sorry TUG, called Freddy II, moored at Scarisbrick marina. It’s got a 150hp engine and he reckons we’ll know when he trundles (zooms?) past on the Leeds Liverpool. Because we’ll be able to hear it all the way down the Rufford Branch.
Oh, and he loves showing it off…
Tonys boat1
Tonys boat3
"There you go Mr Mop, photos of Freddy posted as promised. Right, that’ll be £200 for the promo and I’ll knock off a tenner for a friend. So that’s £190 total, I’ll send ya the bill tomorrow ok? Don’t worry I’ll give you a month or so to raise funds down the market selling fenders before I slap on any interest."
Right, now where was I? Steve and Diane popped round for tea last night, their boat is going in the boathouse for a paint job the same day Lock Dodger comes out. (Shake it all about). AND they’re going to rename her while she’s out of the water, but they still haven’t settled on the new one yet...
There’s a list of about 10 or so floating about with one of their favourites being “Which Craft.” But like we said, it’s a bit unfortunate really because that name will only get shortened to WC. So back to square one, it was flushed down the loo. 
Blimey, it’s all go round here considering nobody can get a boat in or out of the marina…

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