Sunday, 29 November 2009

Untying the ropes

Well TT left the mooring yesterday and we set off on a mammoth journey which lasted months, weeks, a day, an afternoon, ok then the sad truth is it was just an hour.
Distance travelled: Around 300 foot.
Locks: None, and the nearest one to us has no gates at the moment anyway.
Engine hours: 10 minutes tops.
I wouldn’t care, but I wasn’t even on the boat for this epic voyage, I was stood at the destination point waiting for a rope. It wasn’t too bad a journey though, we got lucky with the weather, a window of sunshine opened, so we jumped through it.
Again we were warned that we couldn’t “go” today because the weather wasn’t bad enough.
Again we were told to use the non existent bow thruster (just in case a gust of wind blew up).
Again we got asked to hang on while the wet weather gear was wheeled out of cupboards.
So friends and compatriots round here were fully prepared for the incoming storm, but it didn’t happen. I said it DIDN’T HAPPEN!!! In fact I even got a sun tan. Ha Ha…
So here we are “out on the cut” moored up in a lovely little spot we know of for a BBQ…
Positioned right next door to the pumpout station and the diesel pump…
Setting off for the cruise back to the mooring…
Going through a massive winding hole…
Backing into our mooring, left a bit, left a bit. It’s ok he missed it (honest)…
That’s as good as it gets for the time being, because for anyone who doesn’t know, we’re still on lock down at the moment…

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