Sunday, 20 December 2009

And then the sun came out

These are some more photos from yesterday. I took them later on when all of a sudden that big yellow thing in the sky appeared, then played tricks with the shadows of the trees.
Reflecting on the snow -- that’s sat on top of the ice -- that’s sat on top of the water.
Looks like a field doesn’t it…?
Follow my leader…
Hey up, where’s me pal gone…?
Blending into the background…
Ah, what a nice place to stop for a rest…
Duck steps in the snow…
Footsteps in the snow…
A grand design…
Beautiful as this may appear, things are turning a bit primitive, we need a pump out but can’t move. We need water but the pipes are frozen. However, on the bright side (?) at least we’re all in the same boat as it were, (groan).
I can see us having to book appointments for the shower blocks soon. Even so we had a little party here tonight, some friends came round and we had a right good laugh, well you’ve got to at times like this…!

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