Monday, 28 December 2009

Not favourably feverish, dam it

Now as you know, I’m not one to complain. Well not really. Well ok then sometimes.
This frigging flu cold thing that’s been floating about between family and friends recently finally got me good style. I woke up in the night coughing, sneezing (and cursing), I mean WHY NOW? Honestly I’ve never had a cold for about two years, so again WHY (the hell) NOW?
Dave went to see his family for a Christmas get-together today, he took Liam and Maddy with him, but not me (sob). I mean the idea was that I should’ve been sat in the passenger seat of the car. But I had no choice other than to keep my bum firmly planted on the settee, like a zombie surrounded by all the useless aids for colds and the like. It was the fever that dictated STAY PUT.
Anyway he came back with a couple of pictures:
Liam and his brother Danny (who got married in October). They’ve not seen each other for two years due to work commitments, so it was a big day (I missed)…
Dad and two sons…

God I’m feeling sorry for myself right now. Liam and Maddy are risking the lurgy by staying overnight at the hospital boat again. It´s nice and brave of them, I must be worth it...!

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