Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Pump Performance Tests

First of all, sit down with a plate of beans and wait. (No, that was last weeks experiment).

Well we’re still alive, with a new water pump too, so as you’ve probably realised the boat didn’t explode after all. Although I was sat here with a table on my head for a while ready for any fallout. The noise from the back of the boat was all about friction rattling through the water pipes.

And I would've posted a photo of Dave replacing the water pump here, (tedious yet factual). But the battery in the camera needed recharging yesterday, oh dear how could I miss that, {yawn}.

This morning while he’s asleep I’ve been carrying out a series of important “stress tests” on the newly installed water pump:
  • The ordinary tap test: All taps must be free flowing, providing the correct angle and speed direction of water, CHECK.
  • The water filter tap: Must be a continuous flow without any stuttering, CHECK.
  • The toilet: Would it still evacuate all contents? CHECK.
  • The shower: Would it still sprinkle the same? CHECK.
  • The noise test: Has everything settled down and shut up? CHECK.
  • The washer: Would that be the final straw? This particular test is still on-going, because it hasn't finished tossing me smalls around yet.
I heard the “PSI” rating being discussed yesterday which I gather must mean Peaceful Serene Interaction,, with all relevant orifices...

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