Wednesday, 16 December 2009

The Grand Announcement

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life, FOR US!
Well it goes like this:
  • Sometime In October Dave applied for voluntary redundancy and early retirement.
  • Sometime in November we found out he’d got it and we’ll be millionaires, (well not quite) but that’s how it feels.
  • Tonight is his last night at work…
We kept it quiet and just told a few folks because we both felt that if we’d told everyone it could’ve all gone down the pan, you know what I mean. So tonight, after working at British Aerospace since leaving school he and me says “Farewell” to that place “Hello” to a new life…!
This is what we’ve got planned for Thursday…
One each should do nicely… He he

We’ve got a weekend of socialising lined up, then he’s going to get on with lining the damp wall in the bedroom. Back to work of a familiar kind without interruption from any aircraft?
It´s going to be a toss up as to whether he’ll get that finished in time for when Liam and Maddy arrive from Germany for two weeks over Christmas. But it’ll make no difference to them staying here, even if Dave and me have to buy two lilos and float around the marina overnight.

Next year there’s even more big jobs and changes we’re going to make to the boat. We’ve worked out that what we’ve got planned for this floating hunk of steel will take us to beyond March!
Once everything’s sorted we’ll be free to go out when we want, for as long as we want, with a boat that’s got a bow thruster. True FREEDOM at last…
So if Dave ever gets ANY spare time he’s going to take up amateur photography. I mean we’ve got a fancy camera that both of us can only use as long as it’s set to AUTO, which sort of defeats the object somewhat.
He’s been saying for ages he’d like to learn all about the tech side of photography, so maybe he’ll get chance next year.  Everybody we’ve spoken to who’s taken early retirement has said the same sentence to us:
“You’ll never look back…!”
This is still a totally surreal situation for both of us, we can’t believe it’s actually happening, and turned out better than we expected. I suspect we’ll both still be thinking he’s just on holiday from work over Christmas…!

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