Saturday, 12 December 2009

The way DIY works, or mainly doesn´t aboard this boat

It’s not for the want of trying, Dave’s really good at this kind of stuff but it’s enough to try the patience of a saint.
I’m going to be kind here and say, (without any swear words), that any kind of job aboard this boat falls into three different categories:
a) It takes about 50 times longer than expected to get right.
b) It creates another 50 related jobs.
c) Or another totally unrelated job appears before you’ve finished the last one.
Forget the bedroom wall slowly rotting. At the moment we’re at “category C” with something else.
Dave (the carpenter-come engineer-come DIY expert-come plumber) is currently trying to finish last Sundays project of boxing in the pipes under the new radiator.
He set off with all measurements present and correct, but when he put it all together it became apparent that the batten thingy’s (see below) were all in the wrong place. Bless him, when he sat his pieces of wood on top they were sloping down by about an inch.  He hadn´t even forgotten nothing´s square on, thing is, he thought it was for a change.
That was Sunday, the air turned blue and the job was abandoned till now. I didn’t even blog about it at the time because there was nothing much to say except “Dave swore a lot today.”
The saloon WAS all tarted up and ready for the festive period? Well this is the state it's in right now, more tools than tinsel…
Next week: The HUMUNGUS job of sorting out the damp bedroom begins, before we get into bed one night fall through the floor. So we’ll be in an even greater mess to prevent such a scenario…
Other news: They removed the planks at the marina entrance today, there was no need for another photo shoot. So now we’re all waiting patiently to see who dares to go out first.
Thing is we can still only turn left and head towards Tarleton because Lock 7 still isn’t finished, and the Rufford canal is still closed for business.
Mind you we won’t be going anywhere in this weather, I was going to say we’ve got too many job’s to “wade through.” But that’s an unfortunate turn of phrase at the moment isn’t it…?

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