Monday, 21 December 2009

We wish you a merry pump out

Well it’s that time of year again, and the spirit of the season seems to be all around us. Most of the ice has melted, and we’ve got water coming through the taps outside, it’s probably only temporary but hey not to worry!
So we went for the big Christmas pumpout this afternoon, with all the pump pomp and circumstance that befits such a Royal (throne) occasion. The weather delays meant the poo tank was bulging, hence it was such a relief to get it emptied before it blew up.
There was a brass band with carol singers who piped up with “Hark the herald angels sing” as soon as Dave started the engine. Father Christmas and his reindeers popped in for a brief visit with an elf called “Alf” who brought mince pies. And if you believe that lot, you’ll believe anything.
It was a bit unfortunate that Santa brought a piece of the polar ice cap with him, then slapped it down in front of the boat for a laugh, but we didn’t make a big deal.
Here it is, practically an iceberg…
This is a Google earth map of the route to the service area beyond that, no ice there, hmm…
Good job we didn’t have to go (left) near that lot…
Here’s some imposters, three “Brit Thrushes” pretending to be three “French Hens” at the back of the boat. Wish I knew where those five gold rings were stashed…
I’ve just realised this last photo’s a bit misleading, at first glance it looks like it was taken in summer! But the snow at the bottom of the picture’s a dead giveaway. And the birds don't look real because they're so small. But never mind, it's the thought that counts.
So there you go, take your boat for a pump out, and all of a sudden the festive spirit gets pumped out all around you…

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