Friday, 1 January 2010

A great way to start the new year!

What a way to start the New Year...!
Celebrate good times – COME ON…!
Liam and Maddy arrived this aft,ernoon spending their last night here with us (sob for tomorrow). They went out for some well deserved partying with friends on New Year’s Eve.
After tea we went out to the local yokel pub, well what a laugh we had. They said they were expecting to spend a nice “quiet night” with us (the sensible parents) Ha Ha!
Back at the boat (after the pub) Diane and Steve turned up as well, we got a phone call to say they were on their way back from a party, before we knew it they were here.
I told Diane she’d have to stand outside on the jetty and sing Jingle Bells before being allowed on board, (or Bingle Jells at the time) so she did, on top note too. I joined in and we did the “Batman Smells” version in perfect (not) harmony. I’m sure the neighbours were still impressed though. Meanwhile poor Steve was stone cold sober because he’d been driving, but he soon caught up.
As you can see something weird happened to Dave’s hair while we were out. I think Diane was trying to be subtle here by just straight out telling him. 
Did he care about his hair? Obviously not...
He’s got no idea I’ve posted these, even though he’s sat next to me right now. She really was right about his hairdo though...
Liam and Steve…
So there you go then, a nice quiet night in with the parents, they thought it was great that it turned out to be such a laugh.
Liam even said it matched New Year’s Eve with his mates – wow...!

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