Saturday, 16 January 2010

A severe weather warning with a difference

This comes direct from the Met office, Het office, ok Heth’s office…

Take extra care folks, tomorrow’s forecast is for record highs of 6 or 7 degrees. Which means being aware that such high temperatures can cause sunburn / sunstroke within 10 minutes. So here’s a few useful tips to help prevent a painful experience…
  • Wear a sun hat / cap or knotted handkerchief.
  • Keep any exposed areas (?) covered up.
  • Dig out the sun specs, the ones with secondary double glazing built in. 
  • Don’t sunbathe on the roof of the boat, (saves being welding to it).
  • Forget the beer – drink plenty of water (if it´s defrosted in your area yet) .
  • Most important of all, liberally apply Factor 120 to any nooks and crannies just to be on the safe side.
There, I think that just about covers it – pun intended…

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