Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Is this the big thaw?

Well it had to happen sometime…


Unfortunately although it looks promising in a miserable kind of way this is only a brief respite. Just heard on the news there’s more snow on the way. So we’ve been blessed with tolerable grey mush on a temporary basis, till the next lot gets dumped.
One breakthrough today was that some taps on the pier had WATER, including ours. So hoses were connected together, (sharing the goods) because taps further down beyond ours were still frozen up.
Dave was employed as temporary manager in charge of “water distribution and maintenance.” Or in simpler terms he was farting about with a lot of connector thingy’s for hosepipes. It all ran quite smoothly (excuse pun), people were in place holding bits and parts together, then somebody realised there was no-one anywhere near the tap to switch it on...
Later we went to the pub with the crazy crowd for the pub quiz, won nothing as per norm. But who cares? It’s just such a good laugh!
Last Tuesday I (we) noticed two teams cheating with i-phones, so I discreetly grassed on them told the bloke who was running it, (well c’mon it’s not fair is it?) But before I had chance to sit down he announced "all mobiles should be turned off." My discretion went out the window, even I could see the massive arrow above my head. The last laugh was with me (us) because neither of the cheating teams won anything.
WE on the other hand can lose WITHOUT the aid of an i-phone, how clever is that…?

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