Saturday, 2 January 2010

Mixed Emotions

Today we had to say Goodbye to Liam and Maddy. There´s nothing in life I hate, EXCEPT THAT... 
They stayed here at the boat last night and we were both really upset to see them go. It’s heart breaking. We can’t believe they’ve been here for two weeks, time has flown.
After we’d waved them off, they set off on their long and tedious journey driving all the way back to Germany. Their ferry crossing was at midnight, but what with the bad weather and heavy traffic they set off at lunchtime.
Dave and I were both so deflated for the rest of the day, when I stepped back on the boat I found a piece of toast that Liam had abandoned, and wanted to preserve it forever!
We’ve just had a phone call to let us know they’re waiting for the ferry.
Take care of yourselves, and be happy, both of you…

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