Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The white stuff bites

Gliding through the snow --- on a one horse open sleigh --- because that’s the ONLY way --- to get anywhere today…
Thing is not many people own a horse AND a sleigh. Whichever way you look at it, everything’s come to a standstill round here. All forms of transport have seemingly ground to a halt, and the area has taken on a kind of ghostly atmosphere.
Not only is everything covered in a white blanket, everybody’s inside and that’s where they’re staying!
This was the view from the front doors this aft, no I wasn’t going out…
Oops, the plastic connector thingy to the broom handle must’ve froze,, it snapped off while Dave was attempting to brush snow off the roof…!
These are two crappy “flashback” photos taken from the back cabin (still no venturing outside for me). Another load of snow has been dumped on us even though we’re supposed to have seen the last of it…
The Christmas lights will have to stay up there for a bit longer than usual. I’m amazed they’re still working, the ones at the front of the boat are actually sat in the snow…

Good luck to the folks “down south” for tomorrow, I’m not one to dwell on the negative side of things, but the forecast sounds even worse so take care.
And on that note I bid ye farewell because we’re off out to “quiz night” at the local yokel pub with the gang. Oh heck, walking to the pub means I have to go outside after all {cringe} Aha, I’ll just hook up me horse and sleigh, we’ll be reet…

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