Sunday, 31 January 2010

Well this wasn´t supposed to happen

Not here in the wild, wild, west today:
Got out of bed this morning, opened the curtains at the front doors and there was all this white stuff everywhere AGAIN…

Never mind, the sun’s out now, just like it was all day yesterday (from the start) so the said “white stuff” is melting. Must’ve took the council by surprise too because nowhere's been gritted – then again there’s probably none left, that’s grit not councils…
On a whiter lighter note, let me introduce you to Willy the Womble…
And this is his home…
Pride of place, right where the puniest Christmas tree ever MK2 used to sit, till I got bored with it.
But Willy the Wobble Womble won’t be going anywhere, because somebody once bought Willy as a daft present for Liam. So having sat on a shelf in his bedroom for years, it’s Sentimental and Precious. Sentimental stuff is all here aboard TT, ALL OF IT and there’s lots…!

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