Tuesday, 2 February 2010

A hole in one

When the shower tray was unceremoniously removed yesterday we found this hole in the floor underneath. The diamond effect is (sadly) an optical illusion…
Dave reckons this will be the “guest toilet” and he’s going to cut a hole in the hull of the boat below it. As you can see he’s already tried out a “test pee” but misfired, so he’s thinking about making the hole a bit bigger. And this second sanitation unit is necessary because?
Quote: “Well when visitors come round they drink my beer and then fill my toilet up.”  Of course he’s not referring to us boaters. because we’re all too aware of the 8th deadly sin:
“Thou shalt not use other people’s poo tanks, whatever shape or form they come in.”
Hmm, this could be the first “his and hers” toilet setup on a boat, you know, a bit like “his and hers” sinks. Except in this case, instead of holding hands while having a wash, we could sit and have a business conference...
A progress report: After 5 hours of hard graft yesterday:
This wall…
Has disappeared, along with all remaining tiles…
Today Dave removed all the tile adhesive off the walls, some of which can be seen above on the left. Blimey he’s done a good job and got it all off, right back to smooth wood. But he won’t let me post a photo of it yet because he had to use a spray bottle or three full of water. So the walls are still wet – looks good enough to me!
Well it’s the pub quiz tonight, so I’m just going to have a quick read through my 1000 page thesaurus, in an effort to up the “No Hopers” team performance level…

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