Saturday, 13 February 2010

A sinkhole

Not the traditional pothole,, of which there are many in the roads round here right now), think laterally:
This is the hole (in the counter top) where the sink (with taps on it) will be sunk.
  • After cutting said counter top to size, with me as the “gripper.”
  • After having to make it fit with precision.
  • After cutting the hole for the sink, (that took 2 hours).
Dave’s now got a bad back and I’ve hurt my shoulder. Well it’s all part of the fun isn’t it? I mean isn’t it? More photos to follow when we get to the end result of this particular section of the bathroom.
We’ve got a fellow Bonkers Bathroom Boaters coming round for a well earned feast in a few minutes. The rest of Steve and Diane’s bathroom fixtures and fittings arrived today. So no surprises as to what Steve’s also been up to, swapping tools back and forth between us during moments of crisis has been part of it all. Then Dave burnt his drill out and the boat smelt like it was on fire.
Hence both boats look like smelly dusty scrapheaps with stuff everywhere, at least the chicken smells good even if we all stink…

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