Friday, 19 February 2010

Boat Dissatisfaction

Last night Dave was talking to someone about the problems TT is posing and asked if they wanted to buy a boat – meaning this one. He was only joking (I think).
The saying “The grass is always greener on the other side” came to mind yesterday, it made me wonder if the boating equivalent would be: “The water is always clearer on the other side.” I think it’s a very negative saying that basically implies dissatisfaction with one’s lot.
For me yesterday was all about a glue induced haze of self pity and defeatism. Do I sound like a psychiatrist? Anyway the point is that whatever may drag either of us down, it never lasts long because we both have the ability to bounce back pretty quick. This human asset has proven itself to be priceless at times, especially as owners of a boat with a mind of its own and an attitude problem.
Well after a “day off” today, (nothing special – just running round doing a loads of errands that have piled up). So things are back in proportion again, even if this boat is still testing our patience to the limits of human endurance.
It’s all swings and roundabouts at the moment, as long as the header tank is topped up the CH is now working as per norm, even if it is a bit on the thirsty side. The fact that it’s working at all with the problems it’s got is baffling everyone round here. But all I care about is being warm so what the hell, oh and even the burnt curry smell’s gone – so work that one out. Yes, I know, it’s NOT EEZY. Yet another fine example of how the name of this boat is so contradictory. Perhaps if it had been spelt right? Ah well.
On the other hand, all the work Dave put in yesterday – fitting false walls and making them look straight (aha, a feat in itself on a boat). Well at the end of the day he suddenly realised he’d made the hot / cold water pipes for the shower too short. He keeps saying it was his own fault, but as you can probably understand I don’t believe the blame lies with him at all.
Even so he’s just wrecked one of the walls while trying to rectify the problem, remember that lovely white tile effect from yesterday?
Well right now we’re back to this, and another trip to the tip is required…
Thankfully the base and the other wall are ok…
And these are the pipes with a size problem…
No sympathy please, it’s all quite normal to us now…
Do you think we can get back to where we (thought) we were at yesterday, by tomorrow?

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