Saturday, 27 February 2010

Getting there, amongst other things

Well it’s starting to fall into place now, unfortunate turn of phrase that, it’s all about bits of things now. Dave’s currently trying to get the bathroom door itself to fit, (just an added extra), it decided not to anymore for no particular reason at all. Then there’s just some boxing in of pipes, including the huge pumpout one in the corner there, and we should be done... Only about 300 hours labour but never mind.
Still messy but looking good, even buried under a mountain of tools…
Wish I could get the whole bathroom in one photo, the supersize radiator is behind the door at the bottom RHS here…
News just in: Dave’s going to use the shower for the first time later on, I may follow shortly after – but not me first. OH NO NO…!
As you probably know already I started clearing out the bedroom the other day – that’s the next project. “We can rebuild it” but not like it was before ok? The ill fitting wardrobe shown in last Wednesday’s post was on today’s agenda for clearing out, but it was much more “afflicted” than I thought.
I’m not afraid to reveal what’s in my closet, well actually it was Dave’s, ugh look at that. But it’s more than simple condensation this…
There’s a rail under that bottom shelf where Dave had hung some clothes that he doesn’t use very often and (horrors) they were all either damp or mouldy on one side. So I’ve spent the day washing, drying and throwing stuff out. This was an unexpected chore that’s set things back a bit but there you go.
Needless to say we’ll be using free standing furniture when we re-do the bedroom, and Dave’s going to fit wrapped sheep’s wool insulation all along that wall, even into the corner for good measure. Before we buy ANYTHING else!
PS: Forgot to tell you yesterday we finally got round to booking somewhere to stay while we’re without a boat for the week. We compromised, the 5 star jobby I wanted and the 3 star jobby Mr DIY wanted was settled at a 4 star place, (they had an offer on if you stayed longer than 4 nights) Ha Ha. Now I must fill up my drier with another load…

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