Friday, 26 February 2010

Keep painting, keep oiling, remember which

Here’s what I’ve achieved today, I confess it isn’t much at all really, however I did paint both sides of this cupboard door, it’s time and effort that counts isn’t it?
Blimey, checkout the dust on that bin lid in the background, disgraceful…
And look at the sheen on that…
What with a countless number of coats of paint on there I’ve just had a horrible thought, it’s probably about half an inch thicker than when it started off. Might not fit when Dave tries to hang it up again, so shush for now.
I’ve also re-oiled one of the walls in the bathroom too, couldn’t get at the other one because we were tripping over each other. But it would be just too boring to post a photo of that – I mean the wood – not us tripping the light fantastic.
Come to think of it, a photo or two of a painted door is just as boring. And yet, (we’re back with the oiled wood again now), even if I say so myself, the grain has come up wonderful.
OK that’s enough gloating – pride comes before a fall, happens a lot round here, with no need for the pride bit first.
Meanwhile this aft, Dave’s laid the new flooring. It’s all slowly coming together now – but there’ll be no photo shoot till it’s done…

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