Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Insulate your cavity´s and fill your cracks for half price

Here at BoatBase we also sell sheep’s wool with a waterproof membrane. As you can see, Dave the warehouse manager kindly put together this fine example in the showroom this morning – while he had nothing better to do.
Good eh? This is only half of it, that’s why it’s half price…
Then there’s still the other wall to do, oh and the shower base has been left covered up for it’s own personal reasons…
Right, that’s enough free promotion for farmer Giles and his sheep shearing skills, let me tell you what went wrong last night. The boat can’t seem to generate any major problems concerning the bathroom at the moment (ha ha). Apart from adding to the amount of work that’s necessary in there, which is the best we could possibly hope for. So it’s resorted to causing mischief in other ways.
Last night Dave and me were innocently sat in the lux con sipping a glass of wine, [not the same glass – we each had one] So while we discussed various things, we got into a conversation about the boat’s boiler (sad I know). The particulars included how clean and quiet it always sounds when the central heating is on, compared to some we’ve heard which sound like a rocket being launched.
A few minutes later we came inside to watch TV, and a few minutes after that the boiler switched itself off, it wasn’t supposed to, but it did. So we left it a while and switched it back on, just over an hour later we could smell burning. Dave thought it was curry at first (?) then after much sniffing around he changed his mind and agreed quite calmly that we were in fact on fire.
We both went running outside and plumes of smoke were coming out of the exhaust, “No it’s alright we’re not on fire – it’s only smoke” says he. “Oh good that’s a relief, we’ll just give it a couple more minutes then eh?” says me.
“Best switch it off then?” (In unison) NOW…
We stayed calm as it went off, coughing, spluttering and hissing, it sounded a bit like a rocket that’s just crash landed (what we get for being smug). Dave checked the header tank, it was empty,, it shouldn’t have been. So he filled it up and tentatively left the timer on, so the CH would come on as normal this morning. But (guess what) it didn’t.
So the warehouse manager here went down into the depths earlier on and pressed the reset button just like Tom (the man who can) showed him ages ago. Then he had a look at the exhaust and some kind of fitting inside it has split. Even so we switched it on, left it running for a couple of hours and it was sort of working somehow.
However, as I was sat here typing away just 5 minutes ago it started up on its own. Set to come on at 5pm – it’s NOT 5pm. With the same symptoms as last night, and there’s that mysterious curry smell too. Melting wires? (Cough).
Sod it, we’re leaving the dam thing on because it’s bloody freezing round here again. So if there’s no blog post tomorrow you’ll know that we either blew up last night or got gassed.       
I really couldn’t make this stuff up could I…?

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