Tuesday, 23 February 2010


My fingers are so worn out it’s hard work just tapping the keys at the moment, and I should say we’re BOTH knackered.
Dave only sat down at 10.30pm last night after doing this – yes we’ve got a shower AND a cubicle now.
It might look finished, but it’s still a bit raw round the edges, (the mastic’s not appeared on the scene yet). All the plastic wrap stuff is still on, never mind, et voila:
Taken from the corridor outside the bathroom…
Push the door in the middle and Open Sesame…
When I saw this shower in the shop I asked Dave how the hell a person would ever get out again? Answer: “Well there’s a handle inside” (I was just testing – honest). But I couldn’t see any handle through the glass so I walked inside ad closed the door in an effort to prove my point (how stupid is that?) Regardless of whether I was stuck forever I did the whole “pretend” shower thing, meanwhile Dave just stood there laughing his head off.
Please Note: No clothes were removed during testing because we were in a shop. But it did get a bit silly (as usual) when we both started pulling faces at each other through the glass. Dave began to walk away and I still couldn’t find the blasted handle! When he came back my face was pressed against the glass while I shouted “Help, get me out of here.”
Then I spotted the shop assistant coming towards us – oops. Dave pointed to the handle and I stepped out just in time to feel embarrassment on a massive scale. In a pathetic effort to let the guy see that I wasn’t embarrassed at all, I only made things worse: “Just trying it out for size, ha ha, plenty of elbow room when washing your hair, ha ha, nice big handle inside, ha ha.”
By this time I must’ve resembled a tomato. However, all was redeemed later on and the tables were turned good style. This was the dumbo assistant who didn’t know how to use his computer…
You might be wondering why I’m knackered when Dave’s been doing all the work, well he’s not alone (really). Once I’d finished climbing painting walls I got stuck quite laterally literally into oiling walls. I’ve got a bit carried away over the past couple of days, venturing beyond the bathroom walls and moving on to other walls outside it.
Now it would be really great if all you had to do was walk round with a lint free cloth full of oil, dabbing away (in a circular motion, then up / down with the grain). But it’s not that simple when you’ve got to rub down the walls with sandpaper to get a good finish. Both before, and after each layer of oil (there were three).
It’s enough to pop your shoulder out or even a knee joint when working at floor level. Oh and god forbid when I spilt some it turned to stone within a few seconds, as did the cloth I’d been using yesterday. I went to pick it up off the side this morning and rigor mortis had set in overnight, almost broke my finger on the dam thing.
No need to worry though, this is a perfectly safe working environment provided there’s no human intervention involved…

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