Saturday, 6 February 2010

Late night slavery and THAT cupboard again

I went AWOL from the blog yesterday because STRESS and CHAOS set in good style, and we were up till late in an effort to get the job back on track.
[We’d been to B&Q earlier this week, don’t ask me which day it was because I’ve lost track. We got a load of extra stuff we needed, and the flooring. Which was much more interesting than paint rollers, undercoat, and waterproof mastic. It felt good, we were both on a high about things.]
Then yesterday happened,, it all started quite well, we knew the counter top for the bathroom was being delivered in the afternoon. It was later on when things sort of went tits up. The counter top arrived and as I saw it being unloaded off the lorry (even though it was very nice), it didn’t look anything like the one we’d ordered (PANIC). I went up to the delivery guys and took the receipt which matched what they’d brought. Confirmed it to be present correct.
Fair enough but what if the guy in the shop had ordered the wrong one in the first place? Suspicion grew, especially when I checked out the receipt and our last name was spelt in a way that couldn’t be pronounced.
Even the delivery address had an error in it too, this was after everything had been spelt out “letter by letter” for the assistant in the shop.
I mean how the hell they would’ve found us if they hadn’t rung Dave up goodness only knows, because even a Sat Nav wouldn’t have understood it. Anyway, the delivery guy kindly informed us that we had 28 days to change our minds, Dave laughed and asked if they’d still accept it with a hole cut out the middle for the sink? Or in two halves so we could take it back in the car and save them a journey? Ha Ha.
After the lorry disappeared into the sunset I was still protesting that it wasn’t the right one, Dave wasn’t sure either. So he went off to the chandlers to get another ceiling light (which will make it five in there). Well I suppose it is a big bathroom for a boat.
I think he was hoping I’d just accept the whole thing and be done with it while he was out, but alas no. By the time he got back I was convinced, and our (joint) doubts had to be confirmed one way or the other.
So at 4pm we set off to B&Q to put our minds at rest, it’s 15 miles away from here, a tense journey to say the least. We agreed that if it was the right one we’d accept it and be done. When we got there, it turned out we were wrong and they were right, (careful, don’t fall backwards of your chair). Turns out it just looked different because of the light. What a waste of time, but it had to be done to stop any “What if’s.”
By now it was tea-time, but we carried on later to catch up a bit. Dave started taking more things to bits while I undercoated two walls. One of which will be hidden behind the shower so daft as that may sound it’s worth it, just as an extra layer of sealant. It was 10pm when we eventually sat down, totally knackered. I won’t bore you with a photo of undercoated walls, it’d be like watching paint dry.
TODAY: Dave’s trying to make another cupboard in the corner where all the pipes have now been tidied up. So here’s what he’s up to right now:
I think he’s sick & fed up of being planted in this particular spot…
The new cupboard will be to the left of the TT star here, so it’s going to have to look straight even if it isn’t. Making it fit appears to be a work of art…
More like a builders yard than a bathroom now…
Ah well, I’ve got another appointment with the shower block tonight, so wish me luck that I don’t drop all my clothes on the wet floor again…
At some point today I got on with a bit of gardening, I hate seeing empty pots where plants have withered and died. So I planted some new greenery with my green fingers, which were actually in blue gloves.

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