Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Memory Loss

I forgot to say that yesterday (sometime) I got ahead of the agenda and began clearing the bedroom out. With the bow thruster being fitted it means this luxury (not) furniture will have to go to the tip, although maybe I’ll keep the lamp.
Both sides of the front doors have to be ripped out. I think I’m supposed to be saying “Oh dear, what a shame.” But he he, I’ve never liked that silly corner thing, as for the fitted wardrobe, well it didn’t quite meet up with itself, or fit to the walls in places.
When the bow thruster guys checked out the damage that would be done, (both moneywise  and furniture wise). The former wasn’t very welcome, but the latter got a reaction of “Wooooo Hooooo” from me! I’ve been wanting to get shut of these particular items for months now.

Soon to be gone.
We may have to resort to using plastic boxes for clothes and stuff for a while, fortunately my wardrobe at the other side will remain untouched temporarily. But it’s still on its way out – as is the bed.
So this is where I got up to yesterday, note there isn’t one item of clothing in any of these boxes yet. I spent all my time wading through odd bits of stuff and successfully created a black bag of rubbish instead...
This was today’s job,, undercoating that flippin door Dave made a couple of weeks ago.
Then it’ll need 3 coats of paint…
Well I’m off for a shower – out on the bow tonight I think, stood under the hosepipe. We’re going to the pub with Steve and Diane later on. Which means we’re ALL downing tools for the evening and getting away from the mayhem for a few hours…
Hic & burp :-)

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