Thursday, 18 February 2010

Not being one to state the obvious

We’re still here, (HELLO) but I’m not happy with the state of things aboard this boat – nope not at all. We contacted Tom (the boiler man who can) last night and after carrying out a “remote diagnosis” of symptoms,, part on Facebook,, part on the phone. The verdict was that it’s probably the Heat Exchanger on the boiler that’s knackered, and he’ll get a replacement for us.
Halfie, thanks for your concern about whether we had a carbon monoxide monitor! Yes we do, quite a sophisticated gadget it is too. Maybe I should have been a bit less of a drama queen yesterday.
A NON-progress report: The CH didn’t come on this morning when it was set to. (We tried despite the situation). So I got up, switched it on myself, and in an instant any silence round here was SHATTERED as the racket it made reverberated for miles around.  I did the right thing, switched it off, heard it die and ran back to bed.
A couple of hours later Dave checked the header tank & it was empty AGAIN (explains why it wouldn’t switch on properly), but he’d only filled it up last night which means it emptied itself while nothing was working. We filled the header tank AGAIN this morning, yet with heavy hearts we both thought the crippled boiler had totally popped its clogs / snuffed it / kicked the barrel. Then it came on – weird, well it always is on this boat.
As for the mystery smell of burnt curry – Dave figured out that it’s similar to the smell of a car radiator when it overheats, if you can remember what that was like. It’s a fair few years since that sort of thing used to happen. Anyway the theory is that it’s burning off “dirty water” so yes, it has a slight aroma shall we say. Well at least we’re finding things out now even if we’re not getting anywhere.
Changing the subject somewhat, in addition to yesterday’s sheep’s wool promotion. Dave said the crazy thing is that he went into the shop for ONE roll and came out with TWO. (Yes the “2 for the price of 1” chestnut). So he thought he might as well take the freebie even if we didn’t need that much. Only then did he ask himself why.
Here’s one roll, it’s nearly the same length as the settee when it´s SIDEWAYS ON…
It’s been shared around a bit amongst friends and compatriots since then, what’s left is stored “down in the depths” on one of the shelves in the engine bay…
Blimey, I haven’t managed a bathroom update yet, this is where we were at last night with the shower…
And this is what it looks like now, still no glass yet…
Well, If this post makes any sense at all it will be a miracle.
Returning to the subject of unwanted smells again, I’ve been breathing in fumes from “Bostick Impact” glue for the past few hours. Dave’s using it in the bathroom on something. I mean how long does this sort of thing take? He’s in and out of there like a yo-yo, using the saloon as a workshop while I’m sat here in the bedroom out the way of getting my leg sawn off.
Well lets be positive about things, at least “Bostick Impact” has killed off the burnt curry aroma that the boiler currently generates. That’s when it’s gracious enough to switch on and work.
In addition to the situation I’ve felt a bit like the proverbial “spare part,” today, even though I was politely told “don’t worry, it’s a one man job this” it still doesn’t help!
I put this on Facebook this morning and surprised myself – it must be the Bostick fumes…
“I can't wait for this boat to go in the boathouse in 10 days time, the workload's too heavy and the problems are too many - I'll be glad of a break from the darn thing. Feel like I'm about to float away into the sunset with a bad headache and a worn out brain cell...”
How morbid of me, was that a sense of apathy creeping in about the mess we’re in? Ah well, writing this blog post has perked me up a bit. Have you ever experienced being on the ceiling…?

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