Monday, 22 February 2010

One week to go till TT is sat on stilts for a painful operation

So we thought we’d have a week off and stay in a hotel, we still haven’t booked anywhere yet though.
There’s a very powsh hotel not far from here that I’d like to stay in, VS a very crap motel just down the road from it that Dave wants to stay in. Unfortunately I know where I’m going to end up because I’ll have to give in as soon as he plays the “with the cost of what’s being done to that boat” card, I’ll fold with guilt.
The list of what’s being done to the boat seems to be growing daily what with one thing and another of late. So when this was but a seed of an idea we started off with nothing major, just:
  • A new bow thruster
  • A black bum
And now it’s grown to:
  • A new bow thruster
  • A black bum
  • A boiler service
  • Discussing the paint and changing our minds about various aspects of what goes where
  • Sign writing the name again 
  • Removal and replacement of the non-slip floor at the bow
Blimey how did all that happen? After discussing things with the painter a couple of days ago, this is what we came up with, just for the paint job(s).
This here…
Which is also this here…
Will be the same blue as the boat, not quite as shiny and with the non-slip coating. TT’s bum will be smacked blacked separately.
Then there’s this…
Bow troubles, ice damage which started last winter…
It’s all going to be ground off, back to steel and re-done, these rust blobs started off as ONE little spot and turned into a crowd over winter.
Then there’s this:
A settlement had to be reached over who had final say about what to do here. I mean if that top bit of the bow’s going to be blue we’re going to lose the name at the front…
Dave just wanted it painted and kindly pointed out that, “well it’s got the name written on both sides near the back of it” but I wanted this…
Copied and sign written on both sides of the bow just like it looks now, guess who won? He He…
No mention of the Battyroom today except to let you know that we’re now up to where we were at last Thursday. So I won’t bore you with what are in effect the same photos.
In fact, we’re moving on one stage further at the moment. Because after a few small glitches and checking the pipes for leaks this afternoon (inspected and passed), Dave’s just fitting the shower! Wonders never cease to amaze…

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