Sunday, 21 February 2010

Still pratting about with pipes

The bathroom job, Chapter 34, verse 6: “Thou shalt not laugh at thy husband when he’s trying to reposition his pipe.”
I always thought Fawlty Towers was one of the funniest series ever made, but what’s happening here on this Fawlty Boat is rising fast into the realms of classic comedy humour. Dave’s reached the “sod it” stage, but he still won’t give in.
As for me, well you know when you’re in a situation where you want to laugh (in despair) but you’re not supposed to? Like perhaps it wouldn’t be fair on someone else? Well of course that only makes things worse, and I can only pretend for so long. It’s just not in my nature to be dishonest (honest), so there’s a good excuse.
Words just aren’t enough to tell this story – you really need to be here. Dave keeps stomping back and forth with those problem pipes in his hand trying to mould them into the right shape.
One of them looks like a U-bend (it’s not supposed to), and he reckons they’re both going to leak because “Everything I’ve done so far has leaked so I don’t see why they shouldn’t.”
I managed to stay serious till he walked past with one, stuck it under my nose and said “It’s not exactly the prettiest of things is it? Good job nobody’s going to see it I suppose.” Well that did it for me, it sent me overboard, still tittering now.
We’ve just heard through the pipe-vine that the situation is exactly the same on Steve and Diane´s boat. Steve’s tiling his shower, but the air is blue and it’s not going to plan at all.
Meanwhile Diane’s going through the same internal comedy crisis as me. It’s not that our men are inept, they’re both great at DIY. But nothing can compete with the curse that a boat called “Takey Tezey” when it comes to kyboshing improvements of any kind... Theirs is called Takey Tezey 2....................
Deja Vu, we’ve been here before – they’ve been there before…
As far as potential leaks are concerned, I wondered if we could test each pipe in the same way as an inner tube off a tyre?
Now it’s Dave’s turn to laugh at me…

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