Thursday, 11 February 2010

Waiting for paint to dry, so the boredom factor creeps in

Yesterday I (yes, me) undercoated two of the walls in the bathroom, which thinking about it does indeed inspire boredom to set in good style.
The mind wanders as the roller (wanders) up, down and round about, at one point I was sunbathing on a beach in the Caribbean somewhere till some paint splattered on my glasses.
Today’s quest has been to paint said walls with the proper stuff. After the first coat this morning it’s a bit patchy so I’m about to work a nightshift and slap another layer on, I knew one wouldn’t be enough anyway.
Ah well I’d better go and get started while Dave’s still messing about with pipes, don’t ask.
Clue: Different pipes – Different problem. I didn’t quite catch the details when he tried to explain because I was sunbathing at the time…
Outside of the bathroom, this is how the sun shines here – it just bounces off the ice…
Took these this aft while I was putting some more sun tan lotion on…

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