Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Since we put the new mirror up, I can´t find Dave

You must already be aware that my husband has spent a lot of his time in and out of a cupboard for the past few weeks, well now he’s gone AWOL under the bow somewhere.
I know this is a big boat but good grief I hardly ever see him these days. He made a little house for the bow thruster batteries a couple of days ago, (Ah). Done and installed.
But for the time being he’s moved on to making two tiny tables, one for the water pump and another for the accumulator. I’ve just realised this might sound like he’s building a dolls house in there, which could still be possible seeing as I haven’t carried out any inspection surveys yet.
Thing is, since the bow thruster was fitted the water pump has been left hanging under the bow somewhere. So these “tables” are going to sit above the bow thruster tube. Which means the water pump and accumulator can have afternoon tea together whenever they like,
Meanwhile whenever I have caught a rare glimpse of that guy today, (if I remember correctly his name’s Dave) all he’s gone on about is this strap thing that’s missing from the accumulator. He appears to be sourcing various items from various (other) cupboards in an effort to cobble whatever the hell it is together as a temporary thing. This is a man on a mission.
Moving on to other things, these are the last two photos of the bathroom I’ll ever post bore you with, (promise) unless anything goes wrong which is highly likely.
There it is, we finally have a mirror in the bathroom like most normal people do…
See it opens up too, a nice space saving idea that gives a bit of extra storage for our mainly my stuff…

Just thought I’d throw the idea in there for next time you buy a mirror, make it a cabinet mirror to stuff-stuff. Then again,, that might just be common sense which is something I know nothing about. Then again,, I might just be showing off another couple of photos of this gorgeous new boat bathroom.
And last on today’s agenda is this, remember the photo of the exposed section of bow thruster cable from the other day? I don’t know which day exactly because they’re all merging into one at the moment. Well here’s the end result:
Nicely curved, nicely tapered, just like me, (HA).
OK I think that just about covers it…
I’ve just been told by my other half that he realises I’m still alive, therefore he’ll take a break and we´ll go out this weekend, some friends have just rung up so we’re meeting them in the pub for a drink tomorrow night, what day’s that then?
At last a bit of fun and laughter, I’m exhausted with all the work he’s been doing…

Monday, 29 March 2010

MORE cables to hide

Moving on to Dave’s achievement for today, even more boxing in, this time in the bedroom. (Yes, we’re in the empty bedroom now).
The bow thruster cables are neatly concealed (boxed in) throughout the full length of the boat with all the central heating pipes etc, except for this section towards the bow. That’s because before the bow thruster was fitted there were no cables or pipes here, they all stopped with the last radiator on “the loop” which is just to the left of this picture.
Spot the problem – there’s always at least one…

Yup, it’s right were the boat starts to curve, which means the wood has to curve with it. I’m beginning to think Dave will start to feel nude without that saw in his hand at some point…

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Ah, a new little house

Let’s take a look inside the “state of the art” bedroom local tip for a moment. Dave the carpenter has spent the afternoon turning this:
The expensive melamine antique cupboard…
Into this, a battery housing unit…
For the bow thruster batteries…
And if you look closely, you can see the finishing touch to their new little house is the basement which matches the bathroom floor. (Apparently there was a bit left over so it was utilised wisely).
Dave walked past me earlier carrying a section of the wall under his arm from behind the stairs hmm, that’s happened before with a bathroom wall. I was worried the job might be going ass up, so I asked why, the answer was: “Well I just need to make a few adjustments so the box will fit in behind it, but I’m not even sure if the batteries will fit in the box yet.”
Inspirationally uplifting isn’t it?
Moving on a bit: While I’ve been writing this, I’ve had the camera’s memory stick passed to me several times during the course of the afternoon, seems like a certain person wants to show off his handy work. Believe me, you wouldn’t have seen any of this if it hadn’t gone to plan.
And as an added bonus the bow thruster still works…

Not nice ice

We heard the ice tightening its grip round the boat in the early hours, and this was the result today. It´s taken 3 or 4 days for the ice to thicken up here, yesterday someone went out with a pole and broke it up round the front of their boat (why?) It only joined together again in a heap.
The marina entrance…
So where have all the ducks gone…?
Ah, there they are, all huddled together in the last remaining puddle, and as you can clearly see:
Those in the water must have a higher IQ rating than those still stood on the ice…

So this is what happens when warm washing up water freezes on impact…

Frozen reeds…


Saturday, 27 March 2010

A guided tour of the finished product

Before and after – genuine ticket holders only please.
Shower before…
New shower…
Corner next to shower before – note the expensive melamine antique cupboard. It’s butted up to the shower hiding the poo tank pipe, and wasting a lot of space…
Same space after, above the free standing cupboard is the missing mirror. Delivery “in 2 days” has now turned into “next week sometime” typical…
And there’s more, the painstaking job of boxing in the poo tank pipe was worth the effort…
Countertop surface before…
New countertop surface…
Huge towel rail & tiny radiator before…
Big new radiator that belts out heat…
New floor – didn’t bother with a photo of the old one…!
Before any changes at all…
Finished result at last…!
What a difference…
When we went to Homebase last week to get the mirror that we didn’t get, and still haven’t got. I mentioned we saw some gorgeous bedroom furniture which measured up right. A bit pricey but worth it, so we didn’t order it there then because:
  • There were no sales assistants to be seen, not good when you’re trying to order something.
  • We wanted to double check measurements back at the boat because with our luck, even though all seemed ok, it couldn’t be.
Imagine our surprise when we got back to the boat and our measurements were just right, in fact even better. We’d been cautious and would end up with more room than we thought.
So we went to Homebase this afternoon and ordered it because we saw an advert on TV last night with 15% extra off sale prices yesterday and today. Too good to be true, but worth a go and we saved over 400 quid!
But lets not get too excited, delivery will be between “3 – 7 weeks” (nice and specific). Then there’s the question(s) of will we get the right stuff? And will it all be there? Anything is possible. We can but remain positive (with reservations) of course.
PS: Work starts on the bedroom tomorrow, no rest for the wicked…

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Coincidence by design?

This is what was originally designed as a table for an American style diner on Diane and Steve’s new boat. They didn’t like the “diner” so gave the table top to us,, which is now a set of doors in our bathroom. (It’s what you call recycling, happens all the time).
I swear there’s half of their boat on here and half of TT on there, mainly in the wood department. But it was a craftsman who created this in 2008. The design was inspired by the star painted on the side of TT, it was re-created to get it in proportion and we inherited it.
Inlaid with a mix of coloured wood it has a stunning effect…
And to get it in perspective, here it is in the (new) bathroom…
Dave also elongated the star and painted it onto each of the hatch doors (inside) last summer using the same cream colour on the bathroom walls. I haven’t got a decent photo of the hatch doors, but it does look great, so you see this has become known as the “TT Star.”
Right that’s enough of the history lesson, you know the mirror we ordered on Monday, and stupidly paid up front for? Well it was supposed to be “in” on Tuesday or Wednesday. So Dave rang up this morning, (because it’s now Thursday), needless to say it still QUOTE:
“Hasn’t come in.” 
Figures... The bathroom is completely finished now except for that…

Sunday, 21 March 2010

A Stains Day

Whenever Dave mentions the words “this wood needs staining” or “this wood needs oiling” I know it’s down to me. It’s a job I hate but has to be done, and is therefore my duty bound contribution to proceedings. After all it’s only fair to help out when he’s always surrounded by power tools, even if I would prefer to knit woolly socks. (I can’t knit even though I am one).
Today started off badly when I had a shower and (horrors) Dave spotted a pool of water on the floor afterwards. It was leaking underneath, dammit. The new shower that he’d spent days, nay weeks fitting out, plumbing in, finishing off with hard graft, sweat and swearing was rendered unusable.
No that’s not a baby tiger in there, it’s a stripy cloth trying to impersonate one…
So not to be deterred Dave started taking bits and pieces apart underneath and found the culprit – but it wasn’t easy to get at, well it wouldn’t be would it? He thinks he’s fixed it now but neither of us hold out much hope that there isn’t another leak lurking about under there.
Either way it’s going to get a dam good testing tonight, and if it doesn’t pass it’ll get a dam good dismantling – which will probably set us back another three weeks. But hey, that’s the way this boat likes to gloat.
Moving on, Dave continued with his boxing in project, which now looks like this, nearly finished apart from the trim…

I have to say the wood’s come up lovely, nice bit of staining and oiling that, must’ve been a professional who did it. And these too:
The one on the right is for comparison purposes only, it’s how they all started off... Call them bathroom trimmings
Look at the grain on that…
PS: We got a shiny new brass water cap filler yesterday to replace the home made “bung” we’ve been using for the past week. Shame we forgot all about a new diesel tank cap that has to be handled with care,, because the chain’s dropped off…

Friday, 19 March 2010

An exposed pipe and a missing water cap

Seeing as Dave’s batteries were flattened recently, he’s now fully charged and ready to continue the on going saga called “The Bathroom,” episode 206. Here’s today’s challenge:
To box in the poo tank pipe, (no more toilet jokes I promise) except to say that it’s a serious business job. Here it is still open to the elements, baring all and patiently waiting for anonymity at last…
More news on progress as it comes in – he’s going to cut curves in the wood to fit the curve of the roof so that should be interesting.
On a different note, one of us, who shall remain nameless, managed to drop the water tank cap over the side of the boat, oops. As you probably know brass isn’t magnetic, so after faffing about using a (telescopic) fishing net as a dredger for about an hour. We gave up and created this sophisticated bong bung as a temporary arrangement.
BTW those floating cork key rings things don’t work..!
Well, it saves using a plastic key thingy as well – might even catch on…
It took me less than a minute to take the photo above, and look who moved on in…
They’ve been very busy with each other recently so they must be knackered and a bit peckish (excuse pun). I feel sorry for them that they have no notion of privacy, then again they could be exhibitionists.
Think I’d better shut up now, there’s a plant in the back cabin that needs pruning…

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Parbold Hill

 This is the “top hat” of Parbold hill taken from our jetty last April…

And these are some photos we took last week, we went for a walk with Liam and Maddy up there and admired the view. This side looks out away from the marina, towards the Leeds Liverpool canal. It’s down there somewhere but hidden by the greenery.
Just across the road from this viewpoint is a pub called “The Miller and Carter Steakhouse” with tables outside, imagine sitting out there in summer… Probably always be breezy though!
The next three photos are where I zoomed in on a lovely place called Appley Bridge. The canal runs right through it, and we moored up there for a couple of days last year…
I took this with the wide angle lens so you can see where the M6 crosses over the Leeds Liverpool canal. Believe me, we’ve been under that bridge on the way to Lymm and it’s flipping NOISY. It’s also where a boat nearly rammed us when its engine failed…
The following views were taken from Appley Bridge itself last May where we moored up on a spur off the main canal. You still can’t see the canal from where I took this (even with a boat on it), looks like it’s driving through a field. Fortunately you can’t hear the motorway there because it’s much further away than it looks on that photo above…
Ah, there it is, as you can see the canal is in a valley, this is looking away from Parbold hill, in the other direction…
And it’s where I want to be right now, dream on girl, No doubt we’ll get out there sometime this year…